Sungod Revolts are a bit of a game changer.  Ski goggles (or snowboard goggles in my case), which are affordable, stylish, customisable and most importantly, outstanding quality.

In short, #lifelooksbetter when you’re wearing a pair of Sungod Revolts.

SunGod Revolts were born from a frustration with over-priced, under-performing goggles. From our experience with sunglasses we knew we could bring a better product to market, so we set out to create a higher quality pair of goggles at a fairer price.”

Zoe Armstrong, founder


New @we_are_sungod goggles are on, now we just need the sun ☀️ to make an appearance 🏂 #krvavec

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Sungod started out with sunglasses, making high quality eyewear which was stylish and easily customisable.  Sound familiar?

As a group of people with a fondness for snow and snow sports, I guess it was only a matter of time until the production of ski goggles was something the team turned their focus too.  This is where the Revolts were born from, and in order to get things off the ground and onto the slopes, a Kickstarter campaign was launched and the rest as they say is history.

… hint, they smashed it and the team surpassed initial funding goal of £19,400 within just 24 hours.

Customisable design

What’s fun about uniform colours and styles? … pretty much nothing.

Bright, unique colours for one make you easily identifiable to your chums on the slopes. but they also make you look awesome!

With Sungod Revolts there are a serious number of options to choose from when crafting your perfect pair of goggles …

  • 4 Frame colours
  • 6 Lens colours
  • 10 Strap colours


Sungod 4KO® Snow Lenses

Now the whole customisable bit is just for so right?  To carter for personal tastes and also to ensure that you look uber cool on the slopes.

Well yeah. but there’s also a little bit more too it, namely performance maximisation under different conditions.

While the majority of mountain images you see on the web show bright white slopes glistening under beaming sunshine, the reality is that not every day on the mountain is a perfect day. Fog (see my post on snowboarding in Slovenia – Krvavec for evidence of serious fog), heavy cloud, those overcast days.  The weather at 2000m above sea level is certainly changeable your current set of goggles might not be set up to deal with certain conditions.

Here’s where the customisation element of the Sungod Revolts comes into its element, by allowing you to switch out the different lenses and therefore put yourself in a better, and safer, position to be able to deal with the days conditions.

Lens Comparison

Sungod lens tints

Sungod Revolts – Features

Here’s a quick peak at a full list of Sungod Revolts features.

  • Super-flexible TPU frames that forms to your face.
  • Triple layer, triple density foam that offers snug protections against wind and snow.
  • Active anti-fog vents.
  • 100% UVA + UVB protection exceeding EN ISO 12312-1:2013 (CE) and ANSI Z80.3 (FDA) standards.
  • SunGod 4K Optics®snow Polycarbonate dual layer spherical lens with impact resistance.
  • Advanced lens construction that enhances contrast and optimises clarity.
  • Triple-layer scratch resistant coating + anti-reflective inner lens coating.
  • Easy-switch lens system.
  • Silicon-backed strap for a secure non-slip fit.
  • White 100% Microfibre cleaning/storage pouch.
  • Covered by the SunGod Lifetime Warranty

Sungod Revolts – My Personal Experience and Thoughts

OK so I am not long back from testing my own pair of Sungod Revolts in a very foggy Slovenia.

First off I love the look of the Revolts, they are far more visually appealing than any other pair of goggles I’ve owned.  The frame and lens form a solid base, and while I was a tad worried about the lens and its potential to fall out should I not have locked it in place properly, I had no such troubles, even when switching lenses mid day so to try and deal with the fog.

In terms of comfort, the frames are plenty flexible and the foam layers keeps things nice and warm, not too warm though, fogging within my goggles was almost non existent, only occurring when I attempted to wear my glasses under my goggles. FYI – the glasses fit, but it probably isn’t an advisable method of attempting to improve your vision in bad conditions.

The ease with which the lenses can be switched is another plus.  While I obviously had to remove my gloves to do so, the changeover was complete in 2 minutes.  There were subtle difference in shades and colour when viewing through my different lenses, and it was nice to have that choice.

All in all I am a big fan of my new goggles.  Having never spent over £20 on a pair before, acquiring a pair of Revolts felt like a big step up, but its one I’m glad I’ve made.   They look great, feel great and are already in my bag for the next time I hit the slopes.

The Cost

OK, so after all that, the question which you’ve no doubt been asking yourself for the past 5 minutes (assuming you didn’t just skip straight to this part) – how my do Sungod Revolts cost?

The answer … £95 per customised pair.

Of course you can buy yourself additional frames, lenses, straps and cases at extra cost, likewise you can pay extra to have super speedy delivery, but before all those extra please recognise that £95 represents some serious value, especially when compared to other top spec goggles by brands such as Oakley, which retail closer to £150 and are not so customised.

Of course the decision is yours, but as a budget travel and someone who is always a bit careful with the purse (wallet) strings, I feel as though the £95 outlay is very much justifiable.

Buy your Sungod Revolts here

Life Through A Lens

And after all that, which should pretty much have convinced you that a pair of Sungod Revolts represent incredible value, I now leave you with this epic video which will give you a serious sense of snowlust.


Sungod Revolts Reviw