Snowboarding on a budget in Krvavec.

… Take 2

Now I wont beat around the bush with this post, as I have only around 15 minutes before my better half comes back home with our new born son and I am to revert back to nappy changing mode.

So, onwards with a very quick review of snowboarding in Krvavec (Slovenia), again. Yep again, having done this trip already in 2017, I returned with a different buddy (Pete of Compass Chasers) on account of Krvavec being a cheap destination, having what might be the shortest transfer time in Europe, and also on account of what felt like unfinished business, and by that I mean the weather last year was utterly shocking!

So was it any better this time around?  … in short yes, but first lets take a look at the costs and compare them to last year.

A few things to note however, this year I took my own board, which meant extra fees for airline luggage, but no costs to hire equipment.  This 2018 trip also included one more night than last years trip.

Lastly the € to £ rate used below is  €1.14 to £1.

Ok, the costs, lets go …

Krvavec Cost Breakdown

Item GBP Euro
Ski Pass 1 day £31.51 € 35.92
Hostel £79.07 € 90.13
Ski Pass 2 days £52.80 € 60.19
Flights £34.00 € 38.76
Airport parking £11.00 € 12.53
Sports luggage £27.50 € 31.35
Snack/lunch £2.20 € 5.00
Dinner £11.00 € 25.00
Breakfast £2.20 € 5.00
Lunch £8.80 € 20.00
Dinner £11.00 € 25.00
Saturday (in Ljubjlana)
Breakfast £2.20 € 5.00
Funicular + Castle £8.80 € 20.00
Lunch £13.20 € 30.00
Museum £8.80 € 20.00
Bus £4.40 € 10.00
Taxi £8.80 € 20.00
Dinner £8.80 € 20.00
breakfast £2.20 € 5.00
Dinner £13.20 € 30.00
TOTAL £ 341.47 € 508.89

OK so that is £341 per person, a saving of almost £30 on the year previous, AND including an extra night!

So where were the savings had?

  1.  The flights – these were around half the price.  Saving is purely based upon the timing of purchase.
  2. Apres ski – when you travel with a mate who is pretty much tee-total, you also tend to drink less.
  3. Taking my own board – this was a marginal saving really, and was offset by the increased costs of the lift passes.

Another increased cost was the hostel, which had increased its prices for transfers to and from the airport and slopes, and also their nightly rate.

Saving £30 is nice, but of course the ultimate question is – was it a worthwhile trip?

The answer – for the majority yes it was.  Thursday and Friday were both great (despite losing my GoPro), Saturday in Ljubjlana was enjoyable if not unspectacular, but Sunday was a bit of a bust to be honest (white out).

It was the Thursday and Friday in Krvavec which made the trip, a vest improvement on the year previous, but two days which also make me feel like I’ve done this resort now and probably wont return.  It’s great, but small, and I’ve got enough out of it now to look for new challenges.

Right, short and sweet this post as I can here my good lady and the new boss of the household coming in through the front door so I must dash.

One last thing however, be sure to check out the Sungods link in my sidebar if you’re after a new pair of goggles for next year.  I’ve done a review over here if you need more convincing –> Sungods Revolts Review, but honestly their great, and occasionally I share a 10% discount code, so eyes peeled for those.

OK, cya, bye.

What you get for your money

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

snopwboarding Krvavec Slovenia

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