Sungod Custom Sierras – Review

The Sungod Sierra™ sunglasses, a classic style with a contemporary twist says the Sungod website. They're not wrong. Sungod Custom As with the Revolts Snowboarding Goggles and Classics sunglasses range, the Sierras are fully customisable in terms of frame colour, lens colour and symbol colour. New colour lenses and frames are also added on [...]

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Sungod Vanguards ski goggles – Review

Hurrah, a new snow season is upon us.  From the garage can emerge my snowboard and boots, helmet and gloves, jacket and ... whats this, NEW goggles??  Don't mind if I do. Yep, new season, new goggles. A welcome addition to this years kit bag are my new Sungod Vanguards goggles. Now if you could click play [...]

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Review: Sungod Pacebreakers

Hot on the heels of my review of the Sungod Custom Classics Sunglasses, comes the latest Sungod customisable eyewear creation, the Sungod Pacebreakers. Sporting the Sungod trademark adventureproof frames and lifetime guarantee, the first in the Sungod precision eyewear range is also fully customisable, so you are free to make them your own. Sungod Pacebreaker [...]

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Review: North Face Surge 33L Backpack

The 2017 edition of the North Face Surge backpack is upon us, built for the modern day traveller and combining comfort with ample storage (plus protection) for all of our tech which has now become central to the way we access information on the road. As ever, I am never far from a new backpack, [...]

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Sungod Custom Classics – Review

Well the snow is gone.  As summer approaches, my new Sungod Custom Revolts snowboarding goggles are now well and truly packed away under the bed.  Hibernating until winter rolls around again.  Lucky for me though the guys at Sungod actually started out with producing sunglasses.  Hello summer, hello my (also) new Sungod Customer Classics². [...]

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Review: The Trespass Everguy Mens Snowboard Jacket

Trespass is a UK based budget friendly outdoor clothing brand, who have a major presence on your local high street ... and by that I mean they have more than 150 stores across the UK.  Many an evening after work I have spend time I don't have wandering my local store in search of bargains [...]

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Sungod Revolts ski goggles – Review

Sungod Revolts are a bit of a game changer.  Ski goggles (or snowboard goggles in my case), which are affordable, stylish, customisable and most importantly, outstanding quality. In short, #lifelooksbetter when you're wearing a pair of Sungod Revolts. “SunGod Revolts were born from a frustration with over-priced, under-performing goggles. From our experience with sunglasses we knew [...]

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